Sync what you want To-Do to what you want To-Be!

What I Learned About To-Do Lists from My Eight-Year-Old Son | Michael Hyatt

Like many people, I am much more comfortable asking the question what is there “to-do” and a lot less focused on what/who I am called “to-be.” So, in order to be more intentional with developing habits that remind me that I am not simply a collection of my accomplishments and my to-do’s, I have started thinking about not only my to-do list but my to-be list.

Happens always.
To-Do lists are always overflowing. That leaves us with very little time to look at the To-Be part.

Sync what you want To-Do to what you want To-Be!
So, sometimes doing everything in To-Do list isn’t really a success.
To-Do lists have to push performance, accompalishments in a direction of what you want to become.

There is a need to give purpose to To-Do items. To-Be lists are a holistic solution. 

In ‘Delivering HappinessTony Hsieh talks about the ‘second why’.
For everything you do – ask a ‘why’, two times. The first ‘why’ will give the reason. The second why will unearth the purpose.

In case of things To-Do, answers to first why generate the list of items.
Answers to the second why – for every item in To-Do list – helps to see if it is in sync with the To-Be list.

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